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Regenerating LIFE

Sustainable Human Development 

through innovative, new urbanism.

Bishkek City is a new master-planned community in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, that is being planned to become a hub for the sustainable economic development of the country and the other nations in Central Asia; as well as a model for the human-centered urban habitat of the future. 




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Enjoy Living -

Future of Urban Life

With its unique mobility, energy, social, working and other urban infrastructure, Bishkek City is being planned as a model for the future of urban development in the world.  

Enjoy Working - Heart of Economic Development

With its unique Research Institutes, labs, start-up environment, interactive business gathering infrastructure, much more than a business district! A hub in Central Asia for sustainable economic development...


UN's Sustainable Development Goals vision is Bishkek City's guideline in achieving the goals of Human Development and human-centered urban life in Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia.

Our principles supporting this Guideline, besides Sustainability, are; Resilience, Inclusivity, Self-Sufficiency and Collaboration & Sharing culture.

Every sub-project within this Masterplan are crafted with these Guideline and Principles, the Pillars.

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An excellent example of Collaboration and Sharing Culture...

Public, Government, Business, Academics and International Organizations uniting for the well-being of the people and the earth. 

Holistic Approach

Economic development can only be sustainable when planned together with urban habitat. Bishkek City is bringing the missing pieces together.