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Like the Pillars keeping the magnificent masterpieces of humankind standing for thousands of years, Bishkek City is being born on the soundest values of the past and future.



Bishkek City's planning takes United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals as a guideline.

Both Economic Development and Urban Living Goals of the Bishkek City Project are within the context of SDG's. All the efforts towards these Goals are directed and powered by the Pillars.


Every single step within Bishkek City planning is being taken with the indispensable condition of Sustainability.

Sustainability in economy, society and environment. From sustainability ratings of businesses to protection and regeneration of nature, to clean energy, transportation Bishkek City is a living lab for Sustainability. 



A habitat that can feed its inhabitants, provide its own sustainable energy, help businesses to run uninterrupted...

One of the main Pillars to create a stable human development in the long run.

Bishkek City is being planned as a self-sufficient habitat that will enable its role as the trustable force behind development.

Collaboration & Sharing

An ecosystem where the culture of collaboration and sharing creates a power for positive development instead of the destructive power created by the culture of competition. Collaboration with other cities, international organizations, public and private players but above all, collaboration and sharing among the citizens.


The ability to absorb, recover and prepare for future shocks. (OECD)

Our planet has experienced waves of shocks and unfortunately, these waves are likely to increase. Climate irregularities, hurricanes, massive wildfires, pandemics.

Also in a time of economic instabilities, Bishkek City is creating an example of resilient habitat for the world.

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A model city where every citizen feels belonging, disabled have access to anywhere that a citizen has access to, women's power as valuable as men's, young people are offered equal opportunities.

Bishkek City knows that a healthy, sustainable human development is possible only when "no one is left behind".

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